The official website is a web portal where employees log in with their username and password to view Mythdhr Your Schedule. The portal brings together all the employees of the platform with different identifiers.


The MythDHR web portal ( is designed for Home Depot employees. They believe that knowledge is their main competitor. They try to attract and retain their valuable employees.

While Home Depot strives to provide the best products and services at very affordable prices, it also doesn’t leave behind one of its key components, its workforce. The Mythdhr online platform was created to enable its numerous employees to perform certain tasks that allow them to carry out their various tasks with ease.

Check Out The Login Benefits

Here are some benefits of using Mythdhr: Employee Self Service

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  1. Employees can view their information at Home Depot.
  2. Change your tax deductions.
  3. Employees may change their mailing address.
  4. Employees who are willing to buy shares in the company can benefit from a 15% discount on the share price.
  5. Home Depot Inc provides coverage for personal injury and death resulting from accidents.
  6. Manage direct deposit information.
  7. Activate or apply for your salary card.
  8. Employees can print and access past paychecks and tax returns.
  9. Review, verify and print all documents related to the Leave of Absence (LOA).
  10. Access to life, dental and medical insurance.
  11. As a Home Depot employee, you are entitled to vision insurance. This will help keep your eyes well-groomed.
  12. Register or opt for the Homer Fund deduction.
  13. Employees and all members of their household can also access the Care program.


Various services are now available to you on the portal, and you can access the services you are looking for. You can contact a team member if you need help or are unable to access your account due to incorrect login credentials. Call 866-484-0284 for assistance. 1.866.698.4347 is myTHDHR. Also, [email protected] is the email address where you can write a message.