My THDHR Home Depot is a home improvement service and currently the largest in the world. Home Depot MyTHDHR Workday Login has more than 2,200 stores with no less than 400,000 employees in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The official website is a web portal where employees log in with their username and password to view Mythdhr Your Schedule. The portal brings together all the employees of the platform with different identifiers.


The Home Depot MyTHDHR Schedule web portal ( is designed for Home Depot employees. They believe that knowledge is their main competitor. They try to attract and retain their valuable employees. About 27,000 to 28,000 employees currently work there. Home Depot My THDHR Your Schedule is a self-service that allows you to access and modify some of the related information.

Check your address and other information through self-service each month to ensure Home Depot can contact you about taxes, benefits and other questions if necessary.

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Through you can check your working hours, check orders and control delivery times. In addition to the benefits of Home Depot My THDHR Time Detail and MyTHDHR Schedule features that allow you to monitor the date of your next shift, you also get the benefits of My THDHR Workday Login for your account privacy.

Of course, you can take advantage of the MyTHDHR Schedule partner discount. Thus, we have provided you with all the details you need to know about, your booking information, my prepayment, and deposit login views, to name a few.

Here Are The Steps And Stages Of Registration

First, you need to log in with ESS to gain full access to MyTHDHR Time Detail and the My Apron login portal. Below is the list of steps to login with ESS.0

  • First, you need to open the official Home Deport ESS login portal.
  • Here you need to enter your store’s AIS ID or your location’s LAN ID.
  • After that, you will need to enter your username and password. You will receive your Home Depot corporate username and password.
  • Then, when you have filled in all the required credentials, all you have to do is click Connect.
  • You will see a new navigation page. Here you can manage your customizations.
  • As for this portal, you must provide all your personal information to connect to MyTHDHR Time Detail.
  • Likewise, former MyTHDHR Schedule employees can easily use the ESS registration process. As the process is similar to the current employee.
  • So here is the simple step you need to follow to register for my THDHR Your Schedule ESS.

Steps And Stages Of Login Procedure

When you get your My THDHR office ID and password and log in with ESS. You can then log into MyTHDHR Schedule, your scheduling login portal.


So, follow the steps below to access the MyTHDHR login portal step by step.

  • By visiting, you will be directed to the official portal.
  • After viewing this web browsing page, you need to click on your schedule.
  • So if you click on your schedule. Then you will see a web browsing page like this:
  • Here you must enter your place of business or other place of business.
  • After that, you will need to enter your username and password.
  • So when you enter all above credentials, you need to click Connect
  • Then, when you click Login, you will see a new web browser page.
  • In this section, you can manage your work schedules, tasks and other aspects of MyTHDHR Time Detail recipients.
  • So this is the simple step you need to follow to login to the MyTHDHR login portal.

Login Requirements

To complete the MyTHDHR Workday Login registration process, you need to prepare a few things in advance. These necessary elements include:

  • My THDHR login site address.
  • Username / ID
  • An opinion.
  • Access a device such as a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Good internet connection.

Some Amazing Benefits Of The Portal

The MyTHDHR ESS login portal has many benefits that employees can access online at Some advantages are:

  • Employees can view their payslips, payslips, W2s, paychecks and other pay information in the My Salary and Benefits section of the portal.
  • View and publish tax returns, my pay stubs and past tax information.
  • Set up direct deposit and edit direct deposit details such as bank information etc.
  • Update personal information such as mailing address, date of birth, email ID, etc.
  • You can view their work schedule, drilling, benefit programs, training, discount cards, employee discounts, and much more. on my schedule, my apron and my payment and benefits options on my thdhr homedepot portal.
  • View weekly hours details, pay stubs, direct deposits, sick days, vacation pay, timesheets, and more.
  • Biweekly Payment Status, Show Ents.
  • Payroll, change your tax deduction, change or activate your direct deposit information, and change your mailing address.
  • Health Insurance and Health Insurance Benefits Discovering the best health options for employees through the Home Depot My THDHR ESS at enrollment portal.
  • You can also access 401(k), my w2, health issues, tuition reimbursement, retirement and income plans, and more.
  • Employees can request time off, vacation, etc.
  • Request to change time, offset, add missing stamps, change stamps via MyTHDHR ESS at login portal.

How To Reset Credentials?


You cannot login to My THDHR if you forget your username. You can follow the steps below to get the username for the website if you are in that situation:

  • Go to through your internet browser and open the login page.
  • Select the Forgot Username/Password menu by clicking on it.
  • Several security questions must be answered, such as B. Your full name, date of birth, employee identification numbers, and others.
  • Please enter all answers correctly and click the submit button to continue.
  • The Home Depot Customer Service team or your Human Resources manager can help you if this guide does not help.


Forgotten Password

Sometimes it is also possible to forget your password on this page. In that case, follow the instructions below to recover your password:

  • Go to through your internet browser.
  • Select the Kronos menu: Time, attendance, and schedule by clicking on it.
  • Select the Forgot Username/Password menu by clicking on it.
  • Select the Reset Password options.
  • Enter your email address or username that you use for your MyTHDHR Pay account.
  • Choose the option to delete the reCaptcha and select the “Submit” option.
  • Please wait a few moments to receive an email in your inbox containing a message and a link to reset your password.
  • Enter your new account password by clicking the link provided.

If you do not receive an email or link to reset your password, please contact the Help Center at 1-866- or 1-866-698-4347. It is also possible to contact the HR manager. They offer help to recover your password. Numbers are available from 8 am to 5 pm. to 20:00 from Monday to Saturday, and from 8:00 to 20:00, from 14:00 to 17:00 on Sunday.

Why Should I Download The Mythdhr App?

While you can search all the MyTHDHR Benefits in the browser, downloading the app will help you stay ahead of the game and provide you with a variety of My THDHR Benefits to implement in the long run.

The app provides all benefits to employees and their families. Even if you work part-time, you are entitled to MyTHDHR Benefits. However, the only downside is that you will have some limited perks to track.

However, some of the general Home Depot MyTHDHR Benefits that nearly all employees enjoy are:

  • Those linked to car insurance benefit from a wide range of health plans that cover dental and eye care services.
  • Employees have access to all financial benefits such as bank incentives and stock purchases.
  • Employees have the possibility to request vacations and absences through the portal. However, you can also refer to the list of holidays.
  • When browsing the web, you are sure to get a wide range of features. One of the most outstanding features is therefore the search function. The search bar is available at the top and you can search almost anything and everything and get its attributes from there. Honestly, it’s a lot easier and saves a lot of time.
Official NameMy THDHR
Portal TypeLogin
Managed ByThe Home Depot

About Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States, offering a variety of household products, construction products, tools, services and more. The Company manages and operates several large grocery stores in the United States.


The company employs over 300,000 people across the country. Around 70,000 employees join each year and there is always room for more people looking for decent work.

The bottom is where you have to start, but it will lead you up. The store is always looking for new employees. According to store employees, people learned on the job and continue to learn. Hourly workers also receive many benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official THDHR connection?

The log portal has several areas where you can view and retrieve important information about your location. As a Home Depot employee portal, you also have the flexibility to choose plans and programs that meet your individual and family needs.

What is the login program?

MyTHDHR Your Schedule is the official Home Depot employee enrollment portal operated by The Home Depot. The MyTHDHR Login Portal is primarily used to post online all Home Depot Beneficiary Plans, Home Depot MyTHDHR Pay Benefits, and work-related issue resolutions.

How do I connect to the official portal?

Access the login page on the official website at Click on the “Forgot my password” option. You need to provide your information such as User ID, SSN, Employee ID, etc.

Does lofin portal offer any programs or benefits?

Employees can learn more about all Home Depot benefits by visiting the website. Therefore, we encourage you to visit and review available programs to apply for and benefit from.

How do I unsubscribe from portal?

You must log out of your account when you finish your work. Because someone accidentally accesses your device, they can see your data and misuse it. There is a “Logout” button on the MyTHDHR Time Detail portal. Push the button; then your account will be closed.

Why is Mythdhr.Com not available?

The site may be unavailable due to a a server issues. However, first, make sure the problem is on your side. So check your internet; must be stable. If you are using a firewall, proxy, or antivirus program, disable them by visiting the


Helpline Details

There are different types of hotline numbers available to Home Depot associates for different types of information. Customer service options are listed below in case of an emergency.

Last Words

Now that you know how to log into other Home Depot Company information, you’re almost finished. Feel free to use the information to your advantage. Also, remember to contact the help centers and support numbers provided if you experience difficulties or problems accessing the site.

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